Arede's Staff Application


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Jun 3, 2019
Minecraft Username? (Include NameMC Link):

Region and Timezone: NA EST

Discord Tag (ex. SheepKiller#9999): Arede#1313

Age: 15

Twitter: @Arede75206811

Do you have the ability to record: Yes

How active can you be?:


Monday : 5pm-11m
Tuesday : 5pm-11pm
Wednesday : 5pm-11pm
Thursday : 5pm-11pm
Friday : 5pm-2AM
Saturday : 10 AM - 1 AM
Sunday : 10 AM - 2pm

Do you have any previous punishments on our server?: No

Past Staff Experience:

◆ Trial-Mod | ViperMC (Exodus) ◆

ViperMC is a very popular Factions, HCF, KitMap, and Practice server. It was really cool to see the Viper Exodus realm from a staff perspective because it was such a new thing to Viper. As a trial-mod here, I mainly went over the staff guides a lot and studied for my ss test at the beginning. When the server actually released, I was very active and always helping community members out when possible. Unfortunately, my time as a Viper staff member came to an end because I was demoted sadly.

◆ Moderator | TrexicHQ

Trexic is my most recent staff experience. When my time at Trexic came to an end just a few days ago, I was very very sad. Although the server has not released its full HCF version yet, I was a very big part of the community and always will be friends with the other staff members there. I was constantly active in their discord and was always pulling people in from support rooms when they needed assistance.

◆ Moderator | SagePvP (ss verified) [Twice] ◆

My first ever time at Sage was a very special one. I was accepted on February 8, 2019. This day was the best day of my Minecraft career because it was the first-ever BIG server I was staff on. This experience was amazing, getting to work with Amarese, Botings, and Sonnix, some of the best staff members out there. Being a moderator I was a little bit more needed by the Helpers, always setting dtr, changing dtr, or unbanning someone. While at SagePvP both times, I learned many values such as patience, care, hard-work, and equality. These are all values that have stuck with me ever since.

◆ Moderator | Skytropia (SS verified) ◆

Skytropia was a popular SkyBlock server that averaged around 100 players. Here, I was a very active moderator with very many pages on punishments. I always got along with the other staff, and community members. The largest thing I remember from this experience was that to always be professional no matter what. There was one instance where I had said one thing that a community member didn't like, and there was a whole big ordeal out of it. I learned to really think about what I was about to say to see if it is professional or not.

◆ Admin | CobraHCF

Being an Administrator at CobraHCF was very stressful. I was constantly online moving people for support, I dealt with a lot of forums things such as appeals or bugs/suggestions. I was actually put in charge of training all of our new staff which was fun. Here, I took away patience. Where patience came to play was with training the new staff members. When they did not know what to due, and they had to learn from me, it took them a while to get used to. It also took me a lot of patience as well.

◆ Admin / Manager | PotatoCraft (SS verified) ◆

This was one of my friend's servers that was very fun. It was not very popular but was super fun to be in charge of. There is not much else to say.

◆ Manager | StrivePvP

◆ Owner | FalconPvP

FalconPvP was one of my recently owned servers. It was a very popular discord, but unfortunately, the other owners and managers left, and I was very busy IRL. I had decided to shut it down. This was very fun getting to set up all of the databases, TeamSpeak, discord, and forums. It was a very tedious job but in the long run, I found it very enjoying.

Why do you want to become staff on our server?

Why do you want to become Staff?: ◆

I would like to become staff to help give back to the CavePvP community. I have seen this server grow a lot and have wanted to give back. I always see people complaining of hackers and such, and with my activity and experience, I can do something about that. I would love to be staff to help me the environment fair and enjoyable for everyone. I would do this by bringing my activity and experience. The reason for having a fair and enjoyable environment is my goal, is because nobody should hack, or be unfair because other people cannot. This is very important to me because I have been hacked on or had something unfair done to me and I did not like it. So as staff, we should show empathy and do something about. “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” is my favorite quote. The reason for this is because you would want people to treat you well, so you should do the same for others. This is very important to me and would like to bring it to Cave.

Additional Information:

Why should we accept you as a Staff?:

You should choose me as a Staff member, not only for the following reasons but for more. I will always be dedicated, on time, and ready. I am a very hard-working, ambitious, young man. I am mature, respectful, and always honest. With the previously said, comes a lot more responsibility and trust from others. I always take every task assigned to me very seriously, and never quit without succeeding. I feel as though I am a better candidate than the others because of the following. The following are very important in a staff member because they need to have these values in order to be trusted, given responsibility, or even have a relationship with. As a Staff Member, I promise to give my 100% effort towards everything. To give 100% listening and attentive ear to everything.

After thinking hard of where I should apply for staff, I decided to apply to Cave for many reasons. First of which being I feel as though I can offer a lot more than other applicants can. I can offer my activity not only in the normal EST evening but during the EU and AU hours which is always helpful. Secondly, I am always on time, respectful, and honest. If I make any mistake, I instantly own up to it and report it to the appropriate person. That is always important because not telling someone always causes a greater issue. I do believe that I am always very focused, and am ALWAYS working as hard as I possibly can. I currently take all Honors / AP classes and make very good grades because of my hard work. This is important in a staff member because you cannot be lazy. You always have to be focused on chat and watching players. Also, you need to be constantly moving people in team-speak and showing them respect. I believe that I show all of the previously said traits better than any of the other applicants.


I am very hard working. I had my first job at 13 where I got paid minimum wage. Then because of my hard work, this past fall I got promoted and now I earn 11 dollars/hour. Hard-Working is a very important characteristic not only for a staff member but for a staff team. This is because all of the members need to be on task and efficient. This will help the staff team be a lot more smooth and get a job done more efficiently and in a better way.


I am very fair. I'm my previous experiences, I have made my goal to make the server as fair as possible. This is by banning unfair advantages (hackers) and make it an overall better experience. I also am not biased towards anyone. If one of my friends comes into TeamSpeak asking me to unban him, I pledge on my honor that I will treat him the same as all others. If you show a little empathy and you would want the same done to you. This is very important to me and what I do as staff because I try to make it as enjoyable as possible.
These traits are always the most important in a good staff member because they show that you care, that you are willing to help, and that you are there to help.

Additional Information:

Hello, my name is Brock, I am 15 ( almost 16 ) years old. I am in high school. I have 3 dogs and 2 brothers. I have been playing Minecraft for 6 years. I enjoy Minecraft because of being creative, helping out others, and learning new things. A few things I’ve learned are how to work with teammates and fellow players/staff members very well. I have also learned various different techniques on how to do things and different approaches. I know how to code in Java, python, and c++, and also would be open-minded to learn anything else.

In conclusion, I hope you consider me for a staff position on CavePvP. Any comments are appreciated.

Thank you,

Regards -



Sep 6, 2019

This application has a sufficient amount of detail, it looks like you took a lot of time into completing the application.
You seem to be an active player of CavePvP!


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Jun 3, 2019
No proof of being staff on the servers you claimed to be staff on
Good detail though.

if you add proof then i'd give this a 1.
Hello! First of all I would like to thank you for the comment. Second of all, factory reset my pc about 2 months ago and only have proof of TrexicHQ and FalconPvP. I will try to pull up some other stuff, but don’t believe I have any.


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Sep 8, 2019
+1 I think I remember you as T-Mod on Exodus for Viper and seems very experienced and has a lot of detail so +1 there.