Dowr's Staff Application

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Feb 25, 2019
Minecraft Username? (Include NameMC Link) :
My in game name Is Dowr. Here Is the link to my Name mc :
Discord Tag? (ex. Fire#9999):
My Discord Tag Is the following Dowr#3663.
Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a working microphone:
Yes, I do have a working microphone, as well as teamspeak.
What is your age? (Must be 15 to apply):
It is the 13th Of April 2019 and I am currently 16 years old.
What is your Timezone?:
My timezone Is Gmt +1. I live In Morocco.
Do you have the ability to record minecraft gameplay (Required):
Yes, Of course I do.
How active can you be?:

Here is My current schedule.
Monday 7pm-midnight.
Tuesday 5pm-11pm.
Wednesday 7pm-midnight.
Thursday 5pm-11pm.
Friday 7pm-12pm.
Saturday 5pm- 1am.
Sunday 5pm- 10pm.

Where are you from?

As I said I am from Marrakesh, Morocco.
Do you have any previous infractions on our server?:

I did have one a LONG time ago by a2e. It was a mute.
Why do you want to become staff on our server?:


Ok, Cavepvp. My first Login was 1 year ago. I always considered cave as my home. I bought ranks, crates and supported the server. I know most players, and helped them out. I met the old and new staff team. I have been staff on the server twice and I have been whit the server through its Ups and downs. I have been here when cave hit 450 players, when Imakemcvids was partner, when cave hit rock bottom(started dying out before 3.0). When sage was spoofing (They still are). And when Cave 2.0 and 3.0 happened. Cave Is My Home. That is The main reason why I want to be staff again. After 3 months of being staff I have managed to never get a strike. Even once, when all of the higher ups got 1, I did not (Worthless, A2E, FireBendinQ). I always was honest whit the staff team. I never talked behind anyone's Back. I accepted people as they were, helped them out. And made things right.
Helping others:
I have always been a helpful guy. Even in real life. I regularly help with school clubs, charities, cleaning up the mosque, etc.
Minecraft is a game. And I personally enjoy helping people more than playing the game. There is not a better feeling in this world than someone telling you : "Thanks" with such a happy voice.
That is why I always loved Cave's player base. Even though I got DDosed multiple times. It is not a problem as long as I help other people.
Growing the community:
Ok, there are 2 different servers.
Server A: Server a Is known for having such an abusive staff team. Corrupted Management team and overall, Having a bad management team.
Server B: Has a great management team, staff are nice, they help the new players, Welcome the new comes, guide them.
Which server would you join ... , of course the server B, see I am that staff member, that non abusive, that funny laid back and nice staff member. And that is who I will always be.
What makes you a better choice than other applicants?:


I do not have a large number of servers to list as servers that I have been a staff member on. Some may see this is a negative fact, but in my opinion, it is a very good indicator of how loyal I am. I worked my way up from Helper, Moderator, to Senior Moderator on Cavepvp over a span of 1 month. This venture only ended because I ended up leaving, which will not happen again. I believe this shows that I am very loyal to a server once I apply to it, and that the cavepvp administration can expect the most loyalty from me. I am here for the long haul.
I love Cavepvp, When logging on, I feel happy, fresh and of course dedicated. I work hard, and do my best, of course if dedicated.Cave pvp Offers such as a good and friendly environnement. I always liked cave its community, and of course the staff team.
I am very aware of Cavepvp. The way they act to the community is reflected in the community itself. For example, an indifferent, immature staff member who answer questions with one word will negatively impact the chat and likely keep it stale. On the other hand, a mature staff member who is enthusiastic and active in chat while maintaining respect for all players will influence the community to be more respectful. I am and will continue to be the player who is enthusiastic and respectful, fostering the same mindset in the community.
If somebody is upset or sad because of things that have been said or done towards them I will not just tell them to get over it. I believe strongly that respect is one of the most important things in life and I show it to everybody I meet. I will also not be extremely strict on people, if somebody accidentally posts a link in chat and it is blatantly obvious that they are not advertising (this has happened to me before) I will not perm ban them because that is not the punishment they deserve (I will always check with senior staff members beforehand though).
If accepted, what can you do to benefit the server?:

My knowledge and the way how I handle situations is professional :
Screensharing: If I found a booter I would try getting him blacklisted, If I found a hacked client, that would be a perm ban If not admitting to hacking before the SS.

DDosers/Doxers: First thing I would do is ban them off teamspeak and the server and try to contact Simply/Blazing/Leftboob/Sheepkiller/Switches/moment so he could blacklist them. I Wouldn't Ban them straight away if I had no proof or a guy just came in and said "they ddosed me" without proof. I wouldn't ban.

Hackers/Cheaters: I would simply follow the rules and ban them. Also wouldn't false ban need 100% proof. Also there is fake clients that can make it look like a player is cheating ill make sure its faked/Edited. I also think hacking destroys the community.

Revive: I wouldn't revive anyone with 100% proof as that could get them duped items. if a guy came in and tried to get revived with no proof I would first check where he died and how he died. if he got kick and killed I would ask for a screenshot of him being kicked if he didn't have that, I would try to check his logs {if have perms}. If in this case he had no proof, I would simply kick him out of teamspeak.

Mutes: If someone spams i would mute them for 15mins if they keep on doing it after ill make it 30mins. And if someone death threats another guy I would mute him for 24hours. if anyone is racist ill warn them and if they keep on being racist ill mute them for 30mins/1hour.

Teamspeak: As i have said before ill be moving people in ts when I can. one of my favorite things to do is help people and talk to people so teamspeak in the best thing that I enjoy the most. if anyone soundboards ill warn them if they keep on doing it i will ban them from teamspeak f0r like 3 Hours
if I see them doing it again ill make sure to message a higher staff to check hes ip and temp ban him in game. If anyone uses voice changers that annoyed people on purpose Ii would do the same as soundboards punishments. if anyone tried to Ip log me/anyone i would instantly message a higher staff to try to get them blacklisted.

Abuse: If I see a staff member abusing I would Freeze him and try to get a high staff as quick as possible if I don't see any staff in ts I would try to contact an Sr Admin+ on disocrd.

Closet Cheaters: I would watch them for 15-20mins if they look sketchy I would freeze and get a verified screensharer to Screenshare him (Until Im SS verified). if nothing found he will not be banned . if I found anything he will be perm banned.

Xray: if people admit to xraying ill ban them for 7days. if they don't admit and we find a client i will perm ban him.

Disrespect: if anyone comes in ts and screamsIi will ask them to chill out and if they keep on going I will just not listen to him until he calms down. If he just comes in to joke around I will kick him out of the channel and warn him. if they just keep on going I will ban them from teamspeak for 30mins for "trolling staff"


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Feb 25, 2019
Windows Defender/Anticheat: If anyone comes in teamspeak complaining about them getting "Falsebanned" I would ask them to make a ban appeal.
Lies/Honesty: As a staff member I am not going to lie to anyone. if any player comes into the support room without proof I can't just trust them since they could be lying so I would have to ask what happened and if it looks real. Then I will.
PvP timer Abuse: As have seen a lot of people in chat complaining about people abusing there pvp timer and making them die in ganks etc. if he had proof I would ban the pvp timer abuser for 3hours or how long the server wants me to. and revive the player that died to the pvp timer abuser.
Keylogging/Rats: I would never click any link that looks Sketchy. Since they could be someone trying to get my account i know the difference between a Keylog / ip logging link. if anyone tries to keylog anyone i would contact a higher staff to get him blacklisted and removed from the server for ever.
Dupe: If I caught anyone duping ill tp to their base and see how they did it and tp to all there faction members to find out how they did it I would freeze him get him in ts and i would get a higher staff I would tell him how they did it then we would blacklist the guy and patch the dupe glitch. if I didn't find out how they did it. I would make him tell us how if he doesn't tell us we would blacklist him. if he admits we will patch it and let him go and remove all duped items from hes base. if he gave out stuff to the hole server. I would blacklist / get a higher staff to blacklist him / her
Insiding: I would simply check the Logs and ban them, then rollback the guy's base who got insided, wish the guy a nice day and continue helping people.
What is your past experience:
Pvpera [ Admin ]:

Pvpera was the first ever server I staffed on, I started out as a translator on there and went on to become a staff member. At that time I was a pretty shy guy and I really did not know how to " staff " you could say. There the players and fellow staff members taught me how to communicate, help, and just interact with all the player on the server. In the long run, it is really what started my passion for Minecraft and staffing. I resigned due to a new manager being brought in allowing staff to abuse for people which was not a team I wanted to be a part of.
Venom Hcf [ Manager ]
My time at Venom really helped me in multiple ways such as, patience, and teamwork. Venom at the time was very, very strict, me becoming manager changed everything I had to pretty much learn the " proper " way to "staff" I should say. Being staff on an Hcf server really tests your patience because all day every day you are just waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a hacker to come along so you can freeze and screen share them. After about 1 month there I decided to resign due to it not being the environment I liked, I wanted more of an " active " and " fun " place to staff on.
CavePvp [ T.Mod 1st time] [senior-mod 2nd time]
At Cavepvp I learned that in life if you want something you have to work for it. At that time hundreds and hundreds of players were coming into the TS nonstop every day every hour and that is what pushed me to my limits, I constantly moved players to help them. I really liked the staffing experience I had on that server was because in the long run it has helped me and made me a better person to be kind to everyone and anyone that I meet. After 2 weeks of being staff on there, I got demoted for Inactivity because I was going through some hard times. Then 2 months passed, I reapplied and got accepted, and after a month and a half, I became senior Mod. I learned how to SS during that time. and I have pushed myself to the limits. The main reason I joined the staff team back, is because I considered most staff members there as my family. Unfortunately, most people quit The staff team. And I ended up leaving after ...
Additional Information:
My name is Dowr, I would not like to reveal My In real life self yet. I love football, handball, and reading. I love to hang out whit friends and have fun. I speak 3 different languages, Arabic, french and english. I was translator on here before. I know a lot of old and new staff members.I love traveling. I visited France, UK, Tunis, Italy , china, Turkia and spain.I love meeting new people and having fun. I really want to work whit the cavepvp staff team Once again, Because I know for a fact its such an amazing community.
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