Accepted Wosy's Staff Application [NA]

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May 29, 2019
Minecraft Username? (Include NameMC Link):
Wosy ( )

Region and Timezone:

Discord Tag (ex. SheepKiller#9999):



Do you have the ability to record:

How active can you be?:
Monday: 4 - 7 Hours
Tuesday: 7 Below Hours [School]
Wednesday: 4 - 7 Hours
Thursday: 4 - 7 Hours
Friday: 7 Below Hours [School]
Saturday: 4 - 7 Hours
Sunday: 4 - 7 Hours

Do you have any previous punishments on our server?:

Past Staff Experience:

Murder.RIP [Manager]
Proof -
Resigned .to be honest it was fun and was great before I even was manager I was a Platform Admin and when I was promoted I was happy to start my work as the manager and to be honest I think I did pretty well. After awhile it just seemed like there was no players so there was not much for me to do here as manager I also thought that when ever I would talk I was not being heard as when ever I did people would talk over me and to me that was disrespectful.

DefusePvP or Defuse Network [JrMod]
Proof - |
Proof of Name Change - [WolfeyJr to Wosy]

Was in the middle of moving and didn't have time to dedicate my self to a server and staff on it. I resigned because of this reason. When i resigned was around the time SimplyTrash and someone else was helping Defuse or Owners. I really don't know the whole situation there.

Sage Network [Not SagePvP] [Admin]
Proof -
Theres not much to say except I put hard work into this server helping the owners get ready to release it. We released the server and I think it got about 40 - 50 Players for SOTW but the was just the beta and when that was over the owner never did tell me why he didn't bring the server back up.

Mage Network Or Team Mage [Executive / Game Manager]
Proof -
It started as a minecraft factions server then they also came out with a garrys mod server and thats why it says Game Manager but later on I Quit Because The Owners Where Not Having Fun With The Server And It All Around Just Became Toxic

Hush Networks = [Senior Moderator / Head Gamemaster]
To Explain the Head Gamemaster this was for Events on the server. To explain what happened on this server all I can say was I was demoted, I put in a LOA for personal reason and it was for 2 months so I talked to the owner and we both agreed it might be best if I was demoted

Why do you want to become staff on our server?
I want to become staff because I enjoy helping people and leading them into the right path whether it be something little or something meaningful. I am always online and available to talk so when people are in need of something urgent, or something even as little as a conversation I am always there. It also shows the integrity and durability of this community based on how far it has been up with a steady player base, which makes me want to be apart of it and the outcome of it. I think that my generosity and haste movements plays a big part in my personality and I want to give forth towards the network and all of its members. I also try my best to distance myself from "toxicity" and negative things, so my positivity would be beneficial all around.

I not only want to help the people, I want to help the server grow, and tighten the roots of the server. I believe every server should have respect and care, as its base and foundation. I think I can enforce these 2 values in the server to make this server a better place for anybody who joins or plays the server. I think respect is needed as who would like a server where everyone is being rude to other people and being toxic in general. I also feel that many of the players from my point of view, are really mean to many of the other players, such as players who are they think are "Better" because they can put in money and are richer in game compared to another player who can't. I believe that no one should be disrespected and be called out for being bad for any reason whatsoever. I think care is also important because what is a place for people to be in without care, for each other and everyone. I think that everyone should be cared for and not left behind. These in my opinion are the 2 most important values any server should have, and I think I can enforce it.


I think that I am professional in the things that I do. In my working areas, I show respect, maturity, care and kindness in all that I do. I would help out all the players that I can and be engage in conversations with the community, help generate a positive vibe around the server and get many new players to join. I can also create a kind, caring, respectful and fun environment to be in.


I am a person who can be trusted with responsibilities and can be relied on to fulfill tasks given to me, and to help maintain the server. With my Trustworthiness comes my Responsibility I am responsible for what I do. I will make sure if I do something wrong that I own up to it.

Additional Information:
I know there are two different discord accounts. I have proof for me owning both of them If you would like to see Proof please DM me on Discord. I know to other applications theirs not a lot of detail but I really did try. I know I don't have a lot of staff experience but by giving me a chance on I can learn more then I already do and have more experience. We all need to start somewhere. I know i'm not one of the most know people on here but I hope you give me a chance. Have a good day.​
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May 11, 2019
Good Detail
Good Staff Experience
Really chill and funny person to talk to.
Overall Good App In My Opinion


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May 29, 2019
I just want to thank all of you for +1'ing my Staff Application. It means a lot and I hope I can get staff!
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